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Powered by MyGi Health, a homebase for the 70 million+ sufferers of GI disorders in the U.S.

My Total Health provides modern solutions for the GI community by connecting industry stakeholders with GI patients worldwide. Powered by its MyGi Health platform and data aggregation technology, My Total Health’s GI-focused industry offerings include patient-provider engagement tools for GI practices, patient-driven marketing and sales solutions for health care brands, and subject recruitment and enrollment services for academic researchers, industry sponsors and GI clinicians alike.

Developed by GI specialists as a home base for the 70+ million sufferers of GI distress in the US, MyGi Health enables patients to monitor, manage, and understand their GI symptoms while meaningfully enhancing the patient-physician relationship throughout the entire patient journey. The platform provides high-quality, evidence-based tools and educational content, as well as wide access to healthcare providers across the full spectrum of gastroenterology.

Sources of Patients

  • Users find MyGi Health via an internet search as the patient education ‘library’ is indexed by search engines. Users are typically presenting with symptoms and have questions such as ‘is this normal’, and ‘do I need to see a doctor?’
  • MyGi Health is also being ‘prescribed’ by GI docs to their patients, prior to an initial consultation to generate their patient history. In some instances, MyGi Health is connected to the clinic’s EHR system and their history is posted straight to their EMR, otherwise the history is emailed to the clinic prior to a visit.
  • MyGi Health is also used as a research platform. Research and pharma partners contract with MyGi Health to conduct research by ‘interviewing’ various populations using our surveying technology.

Data Aggregation Technology

My Total Health has over 100,000 highly characterized GI patients enrolled in the MyGi Health platform. The technology privately and securely identifies over 400 unique data points on each individual GI sufferer, enhancing the patient experience and creating a more personalized overall guide to their GI journey. Utilizing proprietary technology and algorithms, My Total Health works with its partners to identify potential sufferers of various disease states via their symptoms, diagnostic history, and current medications.

Data stored in a highly secure encrypted database

Hosted in the cloud-based environment on AWS

No personally identified information shared.

Our Partners

My Total Health has partnered with national research institutions, academic institutions, and global pharmaceutical companies to further the understanding of GI disease and help optimize current and future technologies shaping the GI industry. Each time a patient uses our products and services, their information contributes to the collective body of knowledge, helping researchers learn more about GI conditions that adversely affect millions of people worldwide.


Medical/Scientific Advisory Board

Brennan Spiegel, MD, MSHS, FACG, AGAF, RFF
Dr. Spiegel is a Professor of Medicine, Public Health, and Digestive Diseases, runs UCLA’s Public Health curriculum on big data science, digital health science, and health analytics, and is also Director of Health Services Research for Cedars-Sinai Health System and Co-Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Gastroenterology, the leading clinical GI journal in North America. Forbes magazine recently covered Dr. Spiegel’s work in digital health, describing it as on the “bleeding edge of technology.“

William D. Chey, MD, FACG, AGAF, FACP, RFF
Dr. Chey is a Professor of Medicine, Director of the GI Physiology Lab, Director of the Digestive Diseases Center for Nutrition & Lifestyle, and Co-Director of the Michigan Bowel Control Program at the University of Michigan and former Co-Editor in Chief of the American College of Gastroenterology. TedEd recently featured Dr. Chey’s work in digestive health.

Rajiv Sharma, MD
Dr. Sharma aka “Dr Raj” was born in Ludhiana, India. He received his Internal Medicine training at Loma Linda University in Southern California before moving to Rochester, NY to pursue his Gastroenterology Fellowship under the mentorship of Dr Richard D Farmer, former Chief of GI, Cleveland Clinic and world-renowned for his work on IBD. He started in his own Gastroenterology practice, Digestive Health Associates, in Terre Haute, Ind. He is also the author of “Pursuit of Gut Happiness: A Guide to Using Probiotics to Achieve Optimal Health” and created a line of probiotic supplements.

Anthony Hobson, PhD, MPhil
Dr. Hobson is an internationally renowned clinical GI scientist. Based on the UK, he is Senior Clinical GI Scientist and Director of The Functional Gut Clinic and Director of Functional Gut Diagnostics. He did his initial training at the University of Manchester, graduating in 1999 with an MPhil in Clinical Physiology and subsequently with a PhD in 2003. Dr. Hobson has published over 200 journal articles, abstracts and book chapters, including two first-author publications in gastroenterology.

Company Board and Management

Duncan McLaren
Co-Founder, Board Member, My Total Health

Craig Strasnick
President & CEO Commonwealth Diagnostics Internatinal Inc (CDI), Board Member GI Logic Inc.

Gray W. Rifkin, Esq.
COO Commonwealth Diagnostics International Inc (CDI), Board Member GI Logic Inc.

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