Patient Recruitment & Enrollment Services for Researchers

Accelerate clinical trials with cost-effective recruitment and enrollment campaigns powered by MyGi Health patient population.

Recruitment & Enrollment

Leveraging proprietary algorithms and analytics tools, we build “Custom Audiences” to pinpoint well-characterized and highly motivated clinical trial candidates, reducing direct-to-consumer and other expensive marketing costs related to trial enrollment and unbranded campaigns. Additionally, our customized patient portals and digital scheduling tools simplify the patient and trial coordination experience for sponsors and CROs.

  • Geo-Targeting: Create localized digital campaigns for each clinical trial site
  • Digital Funnel: Utilize digital tools to create customized landing pages and screeners
  • Custom Tools: Deploy proprietary tools to quickly and efficiently find patients that meet trial criteria
  • Campaign Optimization: Provide oversight, generate and analyze reporting, and improve campaign performance

Powered by MyGi Health, a homebase for the 70 million+ sufferers of GI disorders in the U.S.

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