Patient-Provider Engagement Tools for GI Practices

Working with experts in patient communication and computing technology, My Total Health has re-engineered the role of technology in GI practitioners and their patients.

Clinically Validated Algorithms

MyGi Health’s Automated Evaluation of Gastrointestinal Systems (AEGIS™) Platform and Food and Symptom Tracker (FAST™) are based on published NIH ‘Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS)’ scores*. These scores, used in conjunction with patients’ reported symptoms, can be utilized by the patient and healthcare provider to track symptoms, document outcomes, and manage care. Patients can also be directed to MyGi Health’s robust Learning Center to learn more about their symptoms and disease state.

Patient History Module

MyGi Health’s Patient History Module can be prescribed by healthcare providers before, during, and after an initial consultation with a patient to create an efficient and accurate way for the patient to provide their symptom history.

  • Patients benefit from recording their symptoms on their own time, and from the privacy of their own homes, or in waiting rooms.
  • The patient-provider relationship is also improved as the provider can spend more time learning about the patient, rather than taking a patient history.
  • The system doesn’t forget to ask important questions that can often be forgotten by busy providers.
  • Providers can also customize the educational materials that the patient can access to tailor the experience just for the patient.

Scientifically Tested | Clinically Validated

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